9 Steps on how to harness the power of LinkedIn to find your next position...

9 Steps on how to harness the power of LinkedIn to find your next position...

9 Steps on how to harness the power of LinkedIn to find your next position...


1. Optimise your profile:

Update your profile with a professional photo and a clear, concise headline that showcases your expertise.

Update the 'About' section, summarising your professional achievements, skills, and what you're currently seeking in your next role.

Ensure you have your email and/or mobile listed so that potential hiring managers/recruiters can get in touch with you even if you aren’t connected.  

Ensure your work experience is up-to-date, highlighting your accomplishments and contributions in each role.


2. Expand your network:

Connect with former colleagues, clients, and industry professionals to expand your reach.

Join industry-specific and job-search-related LinkedIn groups to network with professionals in your field.

Engage with posts and articles by liking, commenting, and sharing to increase visibility.


3. Make a list of the companies you would like to work for:

Reach out to people you already know in the company and let them know you are looking. Ask for a brief chat with them and ask what it is like to work there and who you would need to reach out to.

Connect with the key people in the company. Let them know that you would be keen to work there. Send a brief introductory message with how you could add value. Ask if they would be open to a brief chat.


4. Leverage the job search tool:

Set up job alerts for positions and companies you're interested in to receive notifications when new opportunities arise.

Save and apply to relevant job postings using the LinkedIn Easy Apply feature when available.


5. Engage with content and thought leadership:

Share articles, industry news, and insights related to your field to showcase your expertise and stay top-of-mind with your connections.

Write LinkedIn articles and posts to share your own thought leadership, experiences, and perspectives.


6. Seek recommendations and endorsements:

Request recommendations from former colleagues, managers, or clients to provide social proof of your skills and accomplishments.

Endorse and seek endorsements for key skills on your profile, showcasing your expertise in specific areas.


7. Utilise LinkedIn Premium (you can get one free month):

Consider upgrading to LinkedIn Premium for features like InMail, which allows direct messaging to people outside your network, and insights into who's viewed your profile.


8. Reach out to connections:

Send personalised messages to your connections, letting them know you're in the market for a new opportunity, and asking if they know of any openings or can refer you to someone in their network.

Engage with recruiters who specialise in your industry or desired job function, sharing your background and goals.


9. Stay active and responsive:

Regularly check LinkedIn notifications and respond promptly to messages or connection requests.

Engage with new connections to maintain and nurture relationships, which could lead to future opportunities.

By following these steps and maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn, you'll be better positioned to find a new job opportunity and make the most out of your network.


We know it is hard and some days will be tough, however, consistency is key. Turn up every day, whether you want to or not, and you will see your network and opportunities grow.

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