A quick piece of Job hunting advice

A quick piece of Job hunting advice

A quick piece of job hunting advice:

Please make sure that your work history on your CV is a mirror image of your LinkedIn profile.

Most hiring manager's and recruiters will look at both and if there is an anomaly on one, you could be overlooked for what is in most cases an oversight.

A good recruiter will notice the issue and contact you and ask you about the anomaly, however, hiring manager's do not always have the time as they have their core tasks to carry out on top of recruiting.

Also, If you have a gap in your work history, highlight the gap and explain what it was for rather than stretch your employment dates by a few months or so as this will always come to light when the recruiter or hiring company carry out reference checks.

What you have done in your 'in between jobs' period can be a great indicator of you as a person and can bring your CV to life.

We are always happy to offer guidance and help on your job search and have some handy tips to get you noticed!

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