Good Feedback Is Based On Facts

Good Feedback Is Based On Facts

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Good Feedback Is Based on Facts, Not Your Opinion..

When you’re asked to give feedback on a fellow colleague, you want it to be useful but unless you connect it to what matters to them — and separate it from your personal beliefs and preferences — they won’t be able to act on it. 

Emphasize facts, not interpretations. This means staying away from comments that are subjective: She’s self-centered. He lacks confidence.

Even if you believe a collegue's behaviour stems from lack of confidence, for example, that’s just your opinion and it may or may not be accurate. 

Point to specific behaviours instead: He doesn’t contribute during meetings. She interrupts me when I’m speaking. 

Ensure your feedback includes both negative and positive notes, which helps to counteract your personal biases and preferences. For your colleague to improve, they need to know what they are doing well as well as where they have room to grow.

Adapted from “How to Give Feedback People Can Actually Use,” by Jennifer Porter

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