Have You Any Questions For Us?

Have You Any Questions For Us?

Job Hunting and Recruitment Advice – ‘Have You Any Questions For Us?’

Feedback from clients and also from my interviewing experience is that an interviewee can stand out with their questions at the end of an interview.

Not all interviewers start with the question, “what do you know about company X?” so you can feel that those hours researching the company can be a waste of time but if you don’t carry out the research more often than not you will be found out.

However, a great opportunity to show your depth of research is when asked if you have any questions for them.

This is where a candidate who hasn’t separated themselves from the pack can really stand out.

By having a bespoke list of questions that are relevant to both the job spec and the company that really stand out from the google suggested, “what will success look like in 12 months?”. There is nothing wrong with this question but in all probability the three other interviewees also asked the same question.

By looking at PR you can see if any acquisitions have taken place recently and if ask any more are on the horizon and what effect this could have on the company or the role. This shows your enthusiasm for the role which sometimes is the deciding factor as to why you are the successful candidate.

Another client positive is when you have actively listened to the interviewers and you can provide details of how you provided a solution to a particular problem that they raised in passing. This shows to the interviewers that firstly, you listen, and secondly, you have the problem solving skills that the role requires.

Always have the list of questions to hand before you go into the interview. In stressful situations you are likely to forget the questions and all the hard work you have put into it goes to waste.

Nothing can be more disheartening for an interviewer when they ask if have you any questions for us and you answer with a no.

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