How To Turn Down A Promotion

How To Turn Down A Promotion

It’s OK to Turn Down a Promotion..

Not all professionals want to be promoted but how do you tell this to your manager without seeming lazy or unmotivated? 

First, think about why you aren’t interested. Perhaps the timing isn’t right, or you love what you do now. Once you’ve identified your reasons, have a transparent conversation with your manager. 

Show appreciation that your manager believes you deserve to be promoted, and explain why your current job is an excellent fit for your strengths, skills, and goals. 

Then tell your manager that you still want to keep growing, and offer some suggestions for how you can do it without the promotion. Are there new projects you could take on? Specific ways to develop your skills? 

Be careful not to say anything that could undermine your future prospects; this promotion isn’t right for you, but the next one could be.

Adapted from “How to Tell Your Boss You Don’t Want a Promotion," by Patricia Thompson