How We Plan A Customer Meeting..

How We Plan A Customer Meeting..

How We Plan A Customer Meeting..

One of the stages of my sales process is planning the sales meeting. We use a 6 stage process for this:

1. What is the prospect's current situation? Do they use recruitment companies? Are they expanding?

2. What are our goals for this prospect? Ideally it would be to be able to offer a solution to a particular problem. 

3. What is our desired next outcome? Ideally, it would be to work with them to solve any recruitment needs

4. What are our strengths? Knowing what our strengths are so we can leverage them to help make the customer more successful i.e. 50 years of senior commercial experience.

5. What are our weak points? Remember, not everybody sees weak points the same. Our small team means we build closer relationships with clients.

6. What actions do we need to take before the next meeting? By being methodical on points 1 to 5, our meeting planning list will be as good as it possibly can be because it is:

- Informed by the knowledge of our customer's situation

- Guided by our goals for the customer from a sales perspective

- Built to help us achieve our desired outcomes

- Planned with the knowledge of our strengths and vulnerabilities.

Interested to know if you would add to this.

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