Looking For A New Role?

Looking For A New Role?

Looking for a new role?


The process can be a stressful and tiresome activity but I have a few pointers for you that should help you get started.


1. What type of company do you want to work for?

- Industry

- Turnover

- No. of employees

- Location 

- Years trading etc


2. With this info, use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to map out the companies that satisfy your criterion. 4- LI give a free month to LI Sales Nav when you first use it, so join up, take advantage and use the filters to research away!


3. With the list of all the companies that fit your criterion, highlight who are the key people and send connection requests.

- Remember that you can only send out 100 LI connection requests per week so use them wisely. 


4. Look into who you know in these companies and send them a message asking for a few minutes of their time to find out more about the company and how their hiring process works.


5. Send the key people who you connected with to introduce yourself. If you notice that they have a role that looks like a great fit for you - use an inmail to send to the hiring manager and/or HR manager to let them know you are interested and why you fit the bill. Keep it short and succinct - shorter inmails have a greater response rate. 


6. Do this daily. Don't get downhearted if you are ignored, remember it only takes one message to hit the right person at the right time.


7. If for confidentiality reasons you don't want to market yourself, connect with a trusted recruiter in your chosen industry who will represent you and know who the right people to speak to.


8. Any questions, give me a call on 07763004067.


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