Losing Your Audience During a Presentation? Try This..

Losing Your Audience During a Presentation? Try This..

Losing Your Audience During a Presentation? Try This..

You can tell when an audience has stopped listening to a presentation.

Phones come out, people slouch in their seats, maybe someone dozes off.

If you notice this happening during your talk, try a few techniques to grab people’s attention.

Move around the room - It keeps audience members guessing where you’ll go next, which means their eyes are trained on you.

Lower your voice, or even pause - Speaking in a monotone isn’t very engaging, of course, and neither is always speaking at the same volume. To regain attention, try speaking softly so that people need to focus in order to follow along, or using a well-timed pause to create suspense around what’s coming next.

Speak faster or slower - When you change speeds, people take note: What’s different here? Why does this part sound distinct? And that means they’ll tune in to what you’re saying.

Use a story or analogy - A real-world example can help people understand and relate to your topic, especially if it’s a technical one.

This tip is adapted from “What to Do When You’re Losing Your Audience During a Presentation,” by Dorie Clark.

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