Thinking of Changing Jobs? It Should Be The Last Thing You do!

Thinking of Changing Jobs? It Should Be The Last Thing You do!

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Thinking of changing jobs? My advice is it should be last action you take. 

Why would a recruiter write such a comment when a recruiter depends on people moving jobs to create a market for themselves? 

It always surprises me when a candidate accepts a job offer and hands in their resignation letter only to be given a counter offer. Haven't you discussed things with your line manager before you spent hours travelling to interviews, researching the company, preparing a powerpoint presentation? 

The reason I say that moving company should be the last course of action you take is because there are steps to be taken before you approach a recruiter or hit that 'one click' apply button.

If you are unhappy with your salary, why go through the process of preparing and updating your CV, researching a company, attending interviews, spend time negotiating a salary with somebody you hardly know when you could have approached your line manager and stated that you were unhappy with your salary and you would like a pay rise? 

Why would you go through the same process to work with a company with a more relaxed attitude to flexible working when you could have approached your line manager and / or HR and asked for greater flexibility.

If you are leaving a company because of the long commute ask for the ability to work one or two days from home per week.

If you do not have the type of relationship with your line manager to be able to ask for the above then maybe you do need to review your current status but if you do have a good relationship let them know that you are unhappy in your work because of the reason and offer a solution. You may need to negotiate and concede ground somehere but if you like your company and your line manager, why wouldn't you do this.

If the answer is no, then I suggest you look at alternatives but only after talking them through first. 

I always ask people who I speak to if they have exhausted alternatives. Sometimes it is a no and the reason they are going is because they want to move to a larger organistation with better career progression, however, we always ask the questions.

Changing roles is a major undertaking and shouldn't be taken lightly. If you have considered all options and talked them through with your line manager and you are not satisfied then only then is it the right time to consider moving. 

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