Why Do I Need To Stick To A Journey Plan When I Am Hitting My Numbers?

Why Do I Need To Stick To A Journey Plan When I Am Hitting My Numbers?

Why Do I Need To Stick To A Journey Plan When I Am Hitting My Numbers?

This is a question that regularly came up when I was either leading a field sales team or part of the field sales team.

It can seem frustrating to the salesperson if you are showing good growth on your area and hitting the sales targets given.

The problem isn’t about your current performance, it is ensuring that you have a pipeline of opportunities for when the inevitable happens and you lose a customer through an acquisition etc.

If you operate in the automotive aftermarket you will know the situation well. One of your top performing accounts is taken over by a new owner who has an agreement in place with a competitor of yours.

If you haven’t built up relationships with other potential customers then when you are thrown the curveball of losing one of your top accounts, it will take significant time to plug this gap.

I know that sometimes it is not always possible but you have zero opportunity to plug the gap if you are not regularly seeing those customers who may be able to give you sales now that a competitor of theirs has stopped stocking your product.

It is a widely known stat that 80% of sales take place during the 5th to 12th visit or touchpoint. If you work on a monthly cycle that could be a minimum of five months before they say yes!


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