Why You Need To Build Rapport

Why You Need To Build Rapport

Why You Need To Build Rapport.

We always ask prospective candidates who are going for any sales role what their opinion on rapport building is.

Whilst I don’t believe that you will win a sale on rapport alone as there are another 7 steps (you may argue many more steps!), you can lose it on this stage.

Why is rapport so critical. Consider this:

A CBS News / New York Times poll asked, “What percent of people in general are trustworthy?”

The answer: 30%.

At the same time, the CBS News / New York Times poll asked a similar group the same question, but with a slight difference. “What percent of people that you know are trustworthy?”

The answer: 70%.

That’s a huge difference. Goes to show you that when people get to know you and people get to like you, people begin to trust you.

The first question a decision maker ask themselves when you approach them is.. ”Do I want to do business with this person?”

My advice is to take time out to look up your prospect on LinkedIn to see if you have anything in common that could break the ice.

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