A Quick Piece of Job Hunting Advice Part Two..

A Quick Piece of Job Hunting Advice Part Two..

A Quick Piece of Job Hunting Advice Part Two.

One thing that never fails to stir some sort of emotion in an interviewer when they are giving feedback is when the interviewee has failed to prepare correctly. More specifically, they haven’t carried out adequate research on the company they are hoping to join.

When I was interviewing for sales and marketing people to join the organisation I was employed by, a simple question would throw light on how much knowledge the interviewee had on the company; Why do you want to join company ABC?

12 months back I was sitting in with a client on interviews when the interviewee (who was being interviewed for a very senior role) asked a question to the interviewer that made my eyebrows raise somewhat; Are you a shareholder and an actual director of the company? This information was sent to the interviewee via a link to the companies house website and is freely available to everybody.     

In 2019 you can’t fail to find some sort of relevant information, most companies have an informative website, access to PR via a simple Google search, companies house data etc

There is a saying in sport that goes something like you can’t win a tournament in the group stage, but you can sure lose it. It is the same with a lack of preparation. Preparation will not get you the job, but it will ensure that you stay in the running. Sometimes the preparation carried out will show something in the candidate’s personality and character that the interviewer likes and this can be the deciding factor.  

I have seen too many good candidates (on paper and after a number of discussions) walk away from an interview and say in the telephone call afterwards that they couldn’t have done anything better only for the client to say [frustratingly in most cases] that they were totally unprepared and knew very little about the company.

Most people will look on Tripadvisor and look into the resort where they are staying for their brief summer holiday, however, they fail to look into the company that that they will be spending coming few years to provide their family with a level of financial stability.

If your prepared to travel an hour (sometimes significantly more) for an interview, spend an hour to two hours being interviewed, then the same drive back home, my simple advice would be to spend an hour or so looking up relevant points on the company, as it is better than wasting up to six hours!

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