By choosing JSL as a recruitment partner, you are choosing a recruitment partner who are committed to working to the highest industry standards. We promote good practice through our proven experience, methods and processes.

We only specialise in areas that we have the right knowledge, experience and network. 

We offer a number of recruitment solutions to best match your needs.



Contingency Recruitment Solution

We usually work with new clients on this basis until they have confidence and trust in the industry leading standards and processes that we work to. We carry out a full database search, in addition to carrying out a headhunt search and selection process as well as contacting our extensive network of contacts within our network that has been built up over 50 years.


Exclusive Search & Selection Solution

Passive candidates do not consider that they are going to be contacted for a new role, so if a number of agencies contact them about the same role, this can give a negative view of the company, ultimately leading to the candidate withdrawing from the process. We want you to attract the right talent and as a solution to this, we work on a number of roles with exclusive status for a period of time and we report on the progress throughout this period (ideally two to three weeks). No upfront fees make this a very popular solution.


Retained Search Solution

This solution is only necessary when you have a role that requires a hard to attain skills or experience, looking internationally or a senior level. After meeting all stakeholders, carrying out market mapping and carrying out an extensive search and selection process, we allocate the resources to your role which will require significant time and expertise, therefore, an upfront fee is required to undertake this solution.


Our professional and dedicated team have over 50 years of industry experience to partner with you to find the right talent.