How To Impress Your Boss

How To Impress Your Boss

How to impress your boss.

Your boss is the key to how visible you are in your organisation. They can affect your salary increases, your bonuses and your chances of promotion so it’s very much in your interests to impress your boss and keep impressing them.

Here are several tips to boost your boss’s impression of you and really win them over at work:

1. Do your job well

Doing a good job, producing good work on a consistent basis, being efficient and professional is something that all managers value very highly. If your boss has to spend less time making sure you get your tasks done it means they can spend more time on their own tasks and that’s going to make them very happy.

2. Get to know your boss

Make sure you know how they like to communicate i.e. if they prefer phone calls, e-mail or face to face. Ask them how often they want status updates from you, and how much detail they want.

3. Be proactive

Look for valuable projects or assignments that you can handle without much help from your boss. Don’t take on more than you can cope with but showing you’re up for a challenge and are capable is important.

4. Be the one to suggest solutions

Offer to deal with the problem yourself or think through the problem with your boss. Always try to be constructive and positive when difficulties arise. 

5. Be loyal to your boss

If you have an issue sit down and talk to your boss. Never talk about your boss to colleagues in the office. Respect and loyalty are very valuable. A lack of trust can severely damage the relationship and your career.

6. Assist and support your boss’s professional goals

Find out what your boss has to deal with at the moment, what their goals and deadlines are and offer to lighten the load.

7. Make your boss’s priorities your priorities

Even if something doesn’t seem that important to you, but your boss has it at the top of their list then it needs to become your priority too. Regularly check that your goals and priorities are in sync. 

8. Anticipate your boss’s reaction

If you know your boss is going to ask for the next step when you go back to see them why not take it first. If your boss has indicated informally that something isn’t working for them try to resolve it before it becomes a formal issue.

9. Show an interest in an activity your boss is passionate about

Without becoming creepy or developing a stalker mentality it is possible to show some interest in something your boss enjoys such as a sport etc.

10. Demonstrate a long-term interest in your organisation

Ask questions to get a better idea of where the company is heading and to work how you can align your career development and professional goals with the company’s goals. Learn about your key customers and products and find out how you can support increased growth. If you develop into a valued employee your boss may be recognised as a great developer of talent.

Follow these tips to develop a strong, long-term relationship.

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