Why Do I Need To Complete A Weekly Sales Report?

Why Do I Need To Complete A Weekly Sales Report?

Why do I have to complete a weekly sales report?  I am hitting my numbers!

As an ex sales team leader who was probably too analytical in my approach at times I could never understand why certain team members resented having to give an overview of where they have been, why and what was the outcome.

For me it was about gaining an understanding of progression along the sales cycle or progress in gaining greater account penetration. If progress wasn’t being made after repeated visits then it was my role to coach the sales person to overcome this blockage.

I do not believe that you will make progress with every account or prospect, however, there are those accounts or prospects that with a different approach will move onto the next stage.

By challenging the sales person to question if they are doing all the right things, it will help in two ways:

1 – improve the account / prospects progress

2 – allow you to determine whether you are flogging a dead horse and move on

I think that sales people should see the reviews as an opportunity to gain different insight into the account / prospect to help them achieve their target.

Too many see it as big brother. It is not big brother in my eyes.

This is not the case and I believe it is the role of the sales manager to communicate it as a coaching opportunity and nothing less.

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